Forty one natural gas option trades representing 12,300 lots occur in one day on leading IDB’s first of its kind offering for U.S. energy markets. . .

HOUSTON (February 10, 2016) – OTC Global Holdings (OTCGH), the leading independent commodities interdealer broker, announced today that on February 9, 2016 its EOXLive platform generated a record number of trades executed by traders interacting directly with the screen. EOXLive, a hybrid broking/trading platform for block futures transactions, is operated by OTCGH subsidiary EOX Holdings LLC and complements traders’ customary interaction with EOX voice brokers.

Forty one natural gas options trades representing 12,300 lots were negotiated directly on the platform, significantly eclipsing the previous high. Each trade on EOXLive is bilaterally confirmed by an EOX voice broker, who is also responsible for generating an electronic ticket for buyers and sellers to minimize the chance of an error or misunderstanding.

EOXLive allows users to negotiate, execute and confirm block trades directly on the screen. The platform leverages OTCGH’s strong market share to provide unique market intelligence and transparency and includes pre-trade markets and last-traded prices for natural gas options.

In addition to natural gas, the EOXLive platform supports trading in the full spectrum of bilateral and exchange-traded commodities, both physical and financial, including power, petrochemical, crude, refined product, metal, agricultural, weather and environmental markets.